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Story of BLOOM

"Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, elegant, and feminine.

No matter what size she is!"

​From an early age I wanted to look good, in beautiful fashionable clothes, preferably combined with items or details that catch the eye. Bright colours, graphic bold prints and striking eye-catchers: totally my thing! And yet I used to come home from shopping, often disappointed . Because as a curvy lady I often couldn't find my size, the proportions were completely wrong, clothes were way too short, or just old-fashioned. I really became discouraged and told myself, well, I had enough of it!

I am Katlijn, fifty years old, wife of Bart and mother of two fantastic adult daughters. I love fashion and traveling and I live in beautiful Valencia since 2012. Ask my friends to describe me and they would call me charismatic, creative, social and positive. I myself like to add that I have a weakness for dresses (but you will notice that after one look at our webshop). Add my aforementioned passion for fashion and my love for entrepreneurship and you immediately know why I started writing the story of BLOOM.

With BLOOM I, as a designer, bring clothing to the market that are just that little bit different, with a good fit and above all in the right sizes. Items that catch the eye are refined, timeless and at the same time modern, and that you can wear in any situation or on any occasion.

Each piece of clothing is carefully designed or sourced to always make you shine. Fashion should be fun. With BLOOM you choose creative color combinations, graphic, bold prints that you won't find anywhere else, and - very important - clothing in the right sizes and with a good fit. Our dresses and accessories are inspired by Mediterranean life and the latest color trends. BLOOM therefore stands for lively collections, filled with love and made to inspire others. My designs are bursting with life and energy, thanks to my love of colour. BLOOM is for curvy women who love color, their femininity and who dare to embrace their imperfections. In our webshop you will find new and exclusive items in limited edition all year round.

My mission? May all curvy women follow their hearts, keep dreaming big and inspire others. Because every woman deserves happiness, regardless of color, origin or size.
Wishing you good luck and lots of happiness in your BLOOM dress!
Have fun shopping!


Co-founder & Co-owner



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